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Find Active Users On Twitter

The app can help you find users on twitter that share your interests. You can also find groups of users that are tweeting about a particular subject, hashtag, or are live tweeting from an event. Any public information obtained about users is analyzed to add context to the data. You can use this information to find active participants in Twitter chats and find out more about users to help you decide who to follow. This helps you avoid following "fake" users and spam bots.

The app also detects relations between the twitter users depending on how they interact with other users. Information about the search keywords used when the user was found and any links shared by them is also stored. This information helps you find users and groups that are tweeting about the topics you are searching for. This feature is useful when looking for users that are tweeting from events.

This application can also be used to search for your username and discover users that you have been interacting with. Similarly, you can search for another user's twitter handle and find the group that have been interacting with them. This information is useful for discovering users that are subject matter experts or equally big fans of the same celebrities.

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